NASA, ESA and JAXA launch virtual hackathon for COVID-19 services

In an excellent screen of worldwide collaboration, NASA, the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Japan Aerospace Expedition Agency (JAXA) have come together to launch a virtual hackathon running in between Might 30 and Might 31, with the aim of utilizing open data to develop ingenious solutions to issues arising from the international COVID-19 pandemic.

All 3 area agencies undoubtedly work together regularly, but this effort, called the “Space Apps COVID-19 Difficulty,” aims to pool their resources for a 48- hour focused sprint to use Earth observation information gathered by satellites, information which needs to offer useful in taking a look at how the virus spreads, and what type of impacts it’s having on the Earth, ecosystems and cities.

Each company involved is offering access to information collected from satellites they respectively operate. And while Area Apps has run previously as a regular challenge offered by NASA to motivate the use of its data for innovative analytical and product development, this is the very first time that all companies are teaming up on a worldwide virtual hackathon.

NASA has actually likewise used its own internal crowdsourcing platform to seek ideas for manner ins which the agency can address the COVID-19 crisis and problems coming from the coronavirus and its spread. The Space Apps Obstacle is open to outdoors individuals, however, and frequently sees participation from trainee, science, and engineering groups around the globe.

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