Previous vice president and Democratic presidential prospect Joe Biden resolved the sexual assault allegation made against him for the very first time on MSNBC.

Joe Biden’s rejection was indisputable.

That doesn’t mean he put this debate to rest.

In his very first interview about allegations by a former Senate staffer, Biden repeatedly declared that he never sexually attacked Tara Reade and he asked that the National Archives search his main worker’s records for a harassment problem she states she filed at the time, in 1993.

” It never took place, period,” he said.

But the previous vice president appeared disconcerted when Mika Brzezinski, co-anchor of MSNBC’s Early Morning Joe, pressed him on whether he would also order a search of his Senate documents archived at the University of Delaware. And he struggled to describe directly why the supportive words he stated about accuser Christine Blasey Ford during the Supreme Court confirmation hearings for Brett Kavanaugh in 2018 should not apply to Tara Reade today.

Check out the statement: Joe Biden’s complete declaration on Tara Reade’s assault claims

In the interview, Biden required to take on the allegations personally and straight. He did that, and in words that left him no wiggle space– mentioning flatly that it didn’t occur, not that he didn’t recall, or that this might the outcome of some sort of misunderstanding. His demand to the secretary of the Senate to order a search of his personnel records communicated his confidence that he had absolutely nothing to hide.

Biden likewise needed to square his rejections with the standards of the #MeToo motion, including the assertion by some that women who come forward with accusations of harassment should have to be believed. One paradox is this: Donald Trump’s election even after he had actually been accused of sexual misconduct by more than a dozen women, and after he could be heard bragging about the sexual attack in a Gain Access To Hollywood recording, assisted produce the altered landscape on which Biden is now being judged.

That was a more difficult line for the previous vice president to stroll, and once he finished with less convenience and less success. He repeatedly refused to hypothesize about Reade’s intentions in leveling the accusation, when asked what message he would have for her, he just duplicated: “This never, ever occurred.”

What we understand: Tara Reade says Joe Biden sexually assaulted her in1993

Fairly or not, her claims carry specific peril for Biden because his brand is compassion.

In the U.S.A. TODAY/Suffolk Survey launched Monday, 57%of those surveyed stated Biden was somebody who “appreciates individuals like me;” simply 39%stated that of Trump. What’s more, the energy in the Democratic party, including its gains in the 2018 midterm elections, have actually originated from females citizens. In a head-to-head contest in the U.S.A. TODAY Poll, guys supported Trump, 49%-41%. Women overwhelmingly supported Biden, 60%-32%. They offered him his present 50%-40?ross the country lead.

Biden has been boosted by the ongoing support of some of the highest-ranking women in Democratic politics. Home Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday cut short a concern about Reade and stated she had a “fantastic convenience level” in the former vice president. New York City Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, a leader on combating unwanted sexual advances, stated Wednesday, “Vice President Biden has emphatically rejected these allegations and I support Vice President Biden.”

Supporting Biden: Popular Democratic ladies wait Biden amid sexual assault claim

However a negative can be difficult to show, and the residue of an accusation can show stubbornness. Remember Barack Obama’s birth certificate? Hillary Clinton’s emails?

Both were case research studies in political weaponization. Even unmasked claims, like the incorrect tip that previous president Obama was born in Kenya, can canine public officials and raise concerns they are required to hang out and effort to fight.

During the 2016 project, Trump made criticism of Clinton’s choice to use a personal email server while she was secretary of state not only a matter of her judgment but likewise a way to raise concerns about what tricks she might have been trying to shield. In surveys of citizens leaving the polls on Election Day, nearly two-thirds stated her use of private e-mail troubled them, consisting of one in 4 Clinton citizens.

Her attempts to ignore the issue, to criticize reporters for covering it, to dismiss it with sarcasm didn’t succeed. Those are lessons the Biden camp was trying to apply with his efforts Friday to straight and seriously refute this developing controversy.

That said, the first interview that Biden did about this issue isn’t likely to be the last. Tara Reade may make certain of that. Will the Republicans.